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Bill Abbreviations
2R – Second Reading
3R – Third Reading
MC – Motion to Concur
ACR – Adopt Conference Report
VO – Veto Override
A# - Amendment (and corresponding number to amendment)
MSR – Motion to Suspend the Rules
RCS – Roll Call Number
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John Fraley (R)

Score: 87.5 out of 100
Rank: 22 out of 120

House Bill 206, NC Cancer Treatment Fairness This bill requires that all health insurance plans that provide coverage for “intravenously administered or injected anticancer drugs” must also provide equal coverage for orally-administered anticancer drugs. The House approved the measure 90-22 on Monday. In short, this is another government-mandated health insurance service coverage. North Carolina already imposes 57 such mandates on insurance plans sold in the state, ranking NC among the top 15 states in that category. Estimates show these mandatory coverages have caused insurance premiums to rise between 20 to 50 percent higher than they would be without the mandates. Civitas Action opposes health insurance coverage mandates and believes consumers and providers should be free to agree on a wide selection of coverage levels that best suit the consumers’ needs, rather than government forcing consumers to pay for costly mandates they will never need. The conservative vote is no. House: RCS 208 (90-22)

Roll Call Vote #208

HB 3 Eminent Domain This bill would amend the state constitution to re-define the authorized use of eminent domain to “public use”, from the current “public use or benefit.” It would also require “just compensation” be paid to the landowner, the compensation to be determined by a jury upon request. Civitas believes in the protection of property rights and in limiting the means by which government infringes upon those rights. The conservative vote is yes. RCS #9 (104-9)

Roll Call Vote #9

HB 436 would freeze for one year all local developer impact fees at current rates, and commission a study of the issue. Civitas Action supports this measure that avoids imposing rising costs on developers while studying the necessity and predictability of these fees. The conservative vote is yes. House: RCS 322 (100-19)

Roll Call Vote #322

This bill creates limits on the “compensatory damages that may be awarded to a plaintiff for a private nuisance action where the alleged nuisance emanated from an agricultural or forestry operation.” In the case of a temporary nuisance, the damages would be limited to the fair rental value of the plaintiff’s property, while in permanent nuisance cases the damages would be limited to the fair market value of the property. Civitas Action supports lawsuit reforms, including those that place sensible limits on the amount that can be awarded in certain lawsuits. This grade is based upon the veto override vote. The conservative vote is yes. RCS 488 (74-40)

Roll Call Vote #488

This bill would make it easier for physical therapists to practice by establishing a ‘compact’ between states, meaning that a therapist licensed in any of the states in the compact would be allowed to practice regardless of which state they are licensed to practice. This evades the restrictions requiring therapists to only practice in the state in which they are licensed. Civitas Action believes that professional licensure requirements create unnecessary barriers to people wanting to practice their profession, restricts competition and raises prices. The conservative vote is yes. RCS #32 (115-0)

Roll Call Vote #32

Strengthen Savings Reserve Would require 15 percent of annual projected state revenue increases be set aside into the state’s Rainy Day Fund. This, along with other measures restricting the ease with which funds from the account can be appropriated, will better grow and preserve the savings reserved for difficult fiscal times. Civitas believes prudent, fiscally responsible measures such as this helps the long-term financial health of the state and protects taxpayers. The conservative vote is yes. House: 2R, RCS #7 (110-3) Senate:

Roll Call Vote #7

House Bill 819 would place on the November 2018 ballot an amendment to the state constitution recognizing individuals’ right to work without being forced to join a union. North Carolina already has right to work in its General Statutes, but this measure would greatly strengthen the right to worker freedom and make it far more difficult to circumvent or reverse in the future. Civitas Action supports the right of workers to be employed without being forced to join a union. The conservative vote is yes. House: RCS 346 (75-44)

Roll Call Vote #346

HB 100 "Restore Partisan Elections/Superior and District Court" would once again require District and Superior Court judicial candidates to go through a party primary, and would place party affiliation on the general election ballots. Civitas believes party affiliation provides important information for voters, and that greater transparency and information for voters improves the election process. The conservative vote is yes. RCS #72 (74-43)

Roll Call Vote #72