S.B.669: Solar Decommissioning Requirements solves a crucial problem: what to do with solar panels once their service life is over, and who is responsible? Unlike carbon-free baseload nuclear power facilities, which have a lifespan upwards of 80 years, solar panels require replacing around approximately 25 years. As North Carolina remains in the top 3 states for installed solar energy, it is necessary to have reasonable laws in place on what to do with solar panels once they expire.

S.B. 669 helps ensure that the responsibility to decommission solar facilities falls onto the owner or operator, not ratepayers or farmers who lease their land to solar developers. Likewise, the bill establishes rules and guidelines on the appropriate methods for decommissioning, including restoration of land and natural habitats destroyed or impacted by solar fields. 

Poor energy choice decisions made by the state to use unreliable energy sources and massive land use projects like solar should not fall onto taxpayers.

Civitas Action believes the vote for freedom is YES on SB669!
Civitas Action will grade the second reading floor vote in the Senate for SB669. 

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