House Bill 624, Regulatory Sandbox Act, would expand freedom for North Carolina companies to innovate free from stifling government regulations. Civitas Action believes the vote for freedom is a vote YES on HB624.

The technology, banking, and insurance sectors illustrate how quickly government regulations can fall behind the fast-paced speed of innovation. A Regulatory Sandbox would allow companies the breadth to create new technologies without fear of running afoul of state regulations. From there, state legislators could make informed decisions about the need for regulation, when applicable.

This bill expands freedom for North Carolina entrepreneurs to innovate outside the limiting barriers of government regulation. For that reason, Civitas Action believes the vote to expand freedom is a vote YES on HB624.

Civitas Action will grade the Second Reading floor vote on this legislation in the House or Senate.

Civitas Action is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that educates and informs North Carolinians on policy issues and the actions of their elected officials.