SB 223; 2R - Exclude Tiers 1 & 2 from JDIG Cap

Senate Bill 223 Exclude Tiers 1 & 2 from JDIG Cap

This bill would waive the current annual cap on JDIG grants in cases in which one of the grantees is considered a “transformative project” or if the project in wholly located in a Tier One or Tier Two county.

JDIG is the Job Development Investment Grant program, which doles out taxpayer funds to companies meeting certain criteria.

Civitas Action is against corporate welfare programs that give taxpayer dollars to select companies. Forcing taxpayers to subsidize businesses in unfair, especially given the fact that some of those taxpayers may be subsidizing their competition. The practice of corporate welfare also empowers politicians at the expense of citizens and invites political corruption and cronyism.

The conservative vote is no.
House: 2R, RCS #889 (99-10)