HB 3; 3R - Omnibus Constitutional Amendments

The committee substitute bill for House Bill 3 includes three constitutional amendments:

“¢ Restricting the state’s approved use of eminent domain to “public use” and eliminating
“and public benefit”

“¢ Capping the state income tax rate at 5.5%, lowering it from its current cap of 10%

“¢ Adding a constitutional right “to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife”

Civitas Action supports lower taxes, restraints against the government’s ability to take privately-owned property, and the ability to engage in hunting and fishing.
Lower taxes promote greater job growth and economic prosperity ‘ opportunities especially beneficial to low-skilled, lower-income people on the margins of employment. Eminent domain power has been abused in the past and can unfairly compel people to give up their private property. The conservative vote is yes.

RCS# 992 (31-18)