HB 2; 2R - Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act

The City of Charlotte bathroom ordinance allowed transgender individuals to use the public restroom of the sex they identify with.

HB 2 clarified that under the North Carolina Constitution, it’s the state and not the local cities or other municipalities that is responsible for enacting new laws that regulate and impact commerce. HB 2 also clarifies that public bathrooms, locker rooms, and showers are limited to persons of the same biological sex. HB 2 ensures that women and children will enjoy privacy when using the restroom and not be forced to shower or change in front of men. It sets a statewide standard regarding the use of and access to restrooms in public facilities across North Carolina.

Civitas believes that the repeal of the Charlotte ordinance will provide for the privacy and protection of the women and children of our state.

The Conservative vote is yes.