HB 379; 2R - Recodification Working Group

HB 379 Recodification Working Group

This bill would mandate that “All State agencies, boards, and commissions that have the power to define conduct as a crime in the North Carolina Administrative Code shall create a list of all crimes defined by the agency, board, or commission that are in effect or pending implementation.”

From that list, the Administrative Office of the Courts will be tasked with identifying any such laws or statutes that are duplicative, inconsistent, obsolete or ruled unconstitutional by an appellate court.

Civitas Action believes that this measure would provide a significant step toward cleaning up North Carolina’s criminal code and in turn making the state’s criminal justice system far more efficient.

The conservative vote is yes.

House: 2R RCS #124 (113-0)
Senate: 2R RCS #607 (46-0)