SB 325; 2R - The Uniform & Expanded Early Voting Act

Senate Bill 325, The Uniform & Expanded Early Voting Act, would not change the number of days of early voting (seventeen) in North Carolina, but would require counties to open the same additional sites on the same days during the same hours.
As the in-person early voting process works now, counties can open different sites on different days during different hours during the early voting period. An inconsistent and haphazard schedule can lead to voter confusion.
Of equal importance, Civitas Action also supports the provision in SB 325 that would require County boards of elections to submit an annual report each year detailing voter list maintenance efforts. List maintenance is required of the county BOE’s in order to remove voters who have moved or died. Bloated and corrupted voter rolls make voter fraud easy.
Civitas Action believes the introduction of order and uniformity in the early voting process and proper administration and maintenance of voter rolls will begin to reform North Carolina’s complex and confusing election process.

The conservative vote is yes.


House: 2R RCS #1168 (67-37)
Senate: MC RCS #722 (23-11)