In the sometimes-unreasoned environmentalist craze today, it is easy to overlook those who are struggling to pay their bills or provide for their family. America and North Carolina have the resources to lower energy prices, so what’s the hang up on expanding natural gas pipelines?

In a recent and superb piece titled “Americans Need More Oil and Natural Gas Pipelines,” Jude Clemente makes a strong case for pipeline expansion. Clemente, editor at RealClearEnergy, gets right to the point about the opposition to such sane policy today:

We surely know that a lack of pipelines in the six New England states, New York, and California have installed much higher energy costs. These states, for instance, have the highest electricity prices in the country, at least 50% above the national average. Their goal has become an insidious chain reaction: to increase energy prices…to lower demand…to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Understandably, those on fixed incomes are hit hardest by spikes in energy prices, it quickly eats in to discretionary cash and hampers their ability to save. Many on the left are quick to praise government for trying to solve poverty but remain eerily silent when the regulatory state turns around and harm the poor.

In his article, Clemente notes that the Appalachian region now produces 37 percent of U.S. gas. North Carolina, and particularly Alamance and Rockingham County citizens, will benefit immensely from the Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate project.

The shale revolution and technological advances are giving this nation something that was once thought unattainable — true energy independence. Clemente noted that the regions of the country that are not taking advantage of pipelines, even amidst the American energy boom, are becoming more and more dependent on foreign energy. Importing natural gas makes little sense when pipelines are available to connect with, still environmental alarmists are unwilling to admit that America is now cleaner and more environmentally conscious than past decades.

Global conflicts or skirmishes once had the ability to cripple America’s economy. Previously, oil cartels could hold America hostage to their demands. Gone are the days of the iconic long gas lines and shortages. America is now the largest producer of natural gas and oil in the world.

Opening up opportunities for all Americans to benefit from this boom should be celebrated, not stifled. The natural gas fracking boom not only takes financial pressure off working families, but it’s creating a much cleaner environment. The American energy revolution is something we should all be supporting and demanding the support of our representatives.

Civitas Action is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that educates and informs North Carolinians on policy issues and the actions of their elected officials.