The recent vote by Alamance County Commissioners to oppose the extension of the Mountain Valley Pipeline into North Carolina is disappointing. The resolution approved by Commission has no legal authority but sends a signal to state and federal authorities that local officials oppose the pipeline.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate would offer underground delivery points in Alamance and Rockingham Counties. That proposal could deliver good news on the economy, safety, and as a clean energy source for residents. The target date for delivery of a new and cleaner source of energy would be late 2020.

A growing state and economy create new energy demands. Low cost, ease of transport and cleanliness, make natural gas the best option for meeting many of the energy needs of businesses and communities in North Carolina. Construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline will provide 1,200 jobs in local communities, supply a cheap and clean source of energy and help keep North Carolina – and our nation — energy independent. All compelling reasons why local officials and communities would do well to support the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP) extension into North Carolina.

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