SB 257; VO - Appropriations Act of 2017 Veto Override

Senate Bill 257 The conference committee “compromise budget” (SB 257) includes significant tax cuts, holds spending growth under TABOR measures, creates an ambitious school choice program and continues to prudently set aside money into the state’s savings reserve. The budget also continues the scheduled increases in investments of the Opportunity Scholarship Program and addresses perhaps the state’s largest fiscal challenge by eliminating state health benefits for retired state employees for those hired after Jan. 1, 2017.

While acknowledging the negative aspects of this budget, most notably the corporate welfare (e.g. film grant funds) and millions in pork spending, Civitas Action believes that on net the good outweighs the bad, and Gov. Cooper was wrong to veto it.
Therefore, the conservative vote to override Cooper’s veto on the budget is yes.
House and Senate Votes

House: VO, RCS #765 (76-43)