Civitas Action Alerts

Civitas Action to Grade SB 630: Constitutional Amendments/Citizens-Only Voting; Absentee Voter ID; Cap Income Tax at 5%

SB 630: Constitutional Amendment/Citizens-Only Voting will add much-needed clarity to the North Carolina Constitution, affirming that only United States citizens have the right to vote in our elections. If passed, the bill would propose a constitutional change that would require a vote of the people. The change would state that “Only a citizen of the United States”...

June 21, 2024

Civitas Action to Grade the Most Significant School Choice Advancement Since 1996

SB 406/HB 823 Choose Your School, Choose Your Future are companion bills that are massive advancements for school choice in North Carolina! In part, these bills would remove income eligibility requirements for the Opportunity Scholarship Program and reward scholarships on a sliding scale. Household income would still determine the size of the scholarship to ensure that students needing it the most...

April 26, 2023