SB41: Guarantee 2nd Amendment Freedom and Protection (Formerly SB40: Repeal Pistol Purchase Permit, rolled into a 2nd Amendment omnibus bill) is pro-freedom legislation. 

Repealing the pistol purchase permit will roll back the Jim Crow-era regulation that was put into place to limit gun ownership of black North Carolinians. Dubbed the “Klan’s favorite law,” the pistol purchase permit still disproportionately impacts blacks today. In Wake County, black applicants are three times more likely to have their permits denied than their white counterparts.

The pistol purchase permit is an unnecessary burden that infringes on all North Carolinians Second Amendment rights. Federal law already requires background checks for all firearm purchases through licensed dealers. Repealing the pistol purchase permit would not change the legal standards for gun sellers to perform background checks. North Carolina should repeal this unjust law.

Civitas Action believes the vote for freedom is YES on SB41! 

Civitas Action will grade the second reading floor vote in the House for SB 41.

Civitas Action is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that educates and informs North Carolinians on policy issues and the actions of their elected officials.