Civitas to Grade Vote on Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Act – SB359

Senate Bill 359, Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act, legally reaffirms that a baby that survives an attempted abortion has the rights of a human being and is entitled to any life-saving medical care available.

Recent legislation presented in New York and Virginia – as well as the failure of the U.S. Senate to ensure necessary protections for infants – make it clear that such a bill is needed. This bill provides important legal protections for some of the most vulnerable North Carolinians: newborn babies.

Some opponents of SB 359 have cited the 2002 federal law Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, insisting state legislation is unecessary. However, the federal law does not explicitly lay out requirements for healthcare practitioners, nor does it recommend criminal penalties for medical professionals that neglect their duty to provide care for the newborn child.

Even those who do not acknowledge the humanity of the unborn cannot justify the murder or neglect of children outside the womb.

Civitas Action believes that all North Carolinians have a responsibility to uphold the sanctity of life.

Civitas Action believes a vote for SB359 is a vote for freedom.

Civitas Action intends to grade any vote to regarding SB359 in the House or Senate.

Civitas Action is a 501(c)(4) non-profit that educates and informs North Carolinians on policy issues and the actions of their elected officials.