As North Carolina’s population increases, energy demands are an inevitable need across the state. Most citizens want to strike a balance that offers clean and affordable energy. Thankfully, new technologies make that more and more accessible.

The Mountain Valley Pipeline Southgate would offer underground delivery points in Alamance and Rockingham Counties. That proposal could deliver good news on the economy, safety, and as a clean energy source for residents. The target date for delivery of a new and cleaner source of energy would be late 2020.

Natural gas has a stellar safety record, and despite opposition from some environmental groups, pipelines are by far the safest and cleanest way to transport that energy source. The methods and standards are heavily regulated by the federal government too.

The company overseeing the endeavor estimates that the pipeline project will offer $4 million in state and local sales tax revenue during construction. Income tax revenue is estimated at $2.8 million, and property tax revenue is $2.9 million during the construction period.

Undoubtedly, construction jobs and materials on the project will give a boost to the region’s local economy, particularly for hotels and restaurants utilized by employees. Over 1,200 new jobs from the local population are expected too.

As North Carolina expands it makes sense to leverage and expand a project already in progress for the benefit of our state and its people.

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